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Default Area specific hunting techniques

Hey Guys,

Was just curious what everyone's hunting techniques are related to your hunting grounds,
especially for the Florida spearfishermen.

In Hawaii our reef hunting usually consists of generally 3 methods:

1.) dropping down to the bottom and waiting and "calling" the fish in. (Throwing up sand, scratching coral,
and grunting).

2.) dive bombing (throwing palu,"chum", at the surface then dropping vertically moving very slowly and shooting downwards)

3.) stalking (hiding behind corals and crevices then crawling on the bottom towards a fish that is feeding, usually parrotfish)

Not trying to garner any hidden secrets from you guys but was just curious. Also how does increased and decreased
visibility adjust your hunting techniques?

Thanks guys. Dive safe!
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Oh and forgot one more trick we use, throwing bent spoons from the surface and watching for the fish who are curious about the fluttering spoon. It usually creates a fish pile
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We use all of those. I typically either dive and wait, aspetto technique or straight dive bomb on fish. I usually do a combination of the second two. Dive bombing but doing so in a way designed to hide behind a rock or wreck as I descend so I don't spook my prey.
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