Best spearfishing snorkel

  • i think many things are, as dan said, a matter of exposure, but the element of preference is still the key... I have used about 7 snorkels and Istill like the first one i ever used which is a tusa semi dry purge snorkel. I have spoken with Dan about snorkels at length and i feel that he and I just have different preferrences, etc...

    i like to spear fish

  • I use the Speardiver freediving snorkel and i love it is no to hard and no to soft just right for me and it clear easy the water.

    Que viva la pesca :cuba:

  • I agree tulocote, the Speardiver is my favorite snorkel too, it's available from Speardiver Freediving Snorkel

    This snorkel is flexible enough to be folded without adverse effects, and soft so it doesn't create a sore spot on the diver's head when tucked under the mask strap. Yet it's stiff enough to not bend when swimming, and will not collapse under the pressure of the mask strap. The mouth piece is soft and comfortable, and is elevated from the snorkel body just enough to allow effortlessly keeping the mouth closed around it.


    • Flexible for compact temporary storage
    • Anatomic curvature
    • 0.8" (20mm) bore
    • Hypoallergenic silicone mouth piece
    • Low profile plastic snorkel keeper

  • I have that snorkel and like it.
    I am curious to try the Beuchat Activa. Looks nice also and a friend of mine told me that for him is even more comfortable than the Corsica.

    Marco Melis

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  • I just bought a new snorkel made by Mares. Its called the dual. It has a harder plastic "backbone" but the rest of the snorkel is a soft plastic. It also has a nice wide bore and a soft mouthpiece.

  • This is a great thread for beginner spearfishing guys like myself however, its a fairly new sport here in south east asia and cus most of the time in the water is diving rather then freediving I am more familiar with snorkels with purge as the waters can get rather choppy, 1 meter swells are more common then not.

    Is there any good good snorkel with a purge on the bottom please?

    Many thanks

  • Well i have tried many different J snorkels and i like the Riffe stable myself because its out of the way when i take it out before diving. I don't care what others use i think what ever works for you is the way you will go.

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  • I use a snorkel made by Tusa. The mouth purge is very similar to the one on the stable but with a different top. It was my first snorkel and I learns on it and I am more comfortable with it than any other.
    I don't know the name and I bought it used so I can't tell you how it compares to the stable as far as price.

    I also agree with art. Go with what is comfortable.

    i like to spear fish

  • "What makes a good snorkel" for me personally is a CLEAR snorkel.
    I want to see how CLEAN the inside of snorkel is BEFORE I breath out of it.
    (I had a student spit out a cock roach that was hiding in a snorkel).

  • Dan I have the exact same dry snorkel in your original post and a beuchat freediving snorkel. I grab the dry snorkel every single time! Where I live the water is always moderately rough and a soft open snorkel will bend and allow water from swells in on EVERY breath. For me to be pushing water out after every breath is ridiculously exhausting, and takes away from my bottom time. To each his own...dry snorkel for life!!!

  • For me I prefer the cressi snorkel because the mouth piece is thin and gives me a better mask seal on my upper lip.
    When your older and your skin isn't as elastic not to mention a few wrinkles any advantage sealing the mask is more important to me that purging water out of my snorkel. My favorite keeper is a strip of old wetsuit with a hole in each end. I did find that cleaning a purge dia frame is easily done in the water by popping it out and sticking it in your mouth and rubbing it off with your tongue and pushing it back in place.

  • Long time use a snorkel valve drive us, thick diameter and am very accustomed to using it, I tried several: soft picasso, omer and do not like, I always go back to the old driver us.

    Valve of us driver (very simple plastic membrane) helps me when wave
    and I want to draw water from the tube, it is very practical without taking water head or eyes off the target, just expel air and ready. It is very useful for me.

    for specific case of caves, snorkeling too hard can get you the mask or cause water inside the mark when encountering coral / wall.

    Amazing, US DRIVE best snorkeling that the best specialist brands, I hope not shoot me

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    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

  • To revive an old thread... I always use j type snorkels. And in the mostly rough waters I dive in here in Hawaii constantly have to clear them. I would like to find the perfect long just stiff enough J-type snorkel. However as I push my dive depths deeper, the idea that a snorkel with a purge valve makes to much noise and scares fish (the original idea why I avoided them coupled with the simplicity factor) out the window, I am trying to find the perfect deep snorkel. I got an Aqua/Gull super bullet. I am hoping it allows me more relaxation on the surface breathing up, and less time frustrated that just before a dive I had to stop my process and clear. SO far so good in just a one time swimming around but Wednesday we go to the deep and see how it works.

    Keep you all posted on my thoughts.

  • So... I know that snorkel is +/- $60, I just bought it. Pretty stupid expensive for a snorkel. But... the conditions we dive in quite frequently out here are really really rough. I normal dive in a $15 snorkel they sell out here from walmart (pio pounders which sells some cheap spear fishing gear). Anyway, day 1- I don't know. Some times it was great, sometimes I was struggling to get it clear over and over. I don't know if my method of clearing the snorkel (as in how I exhale) should be different from how I do it with just a j-tube or not. I will try agian. I do know that anyting I can do to relax a little extra right before I dive is worth it.

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