Ear oil???????

  • Has anyone ever used an ear lube via predive and or post dive?

    I have, but cannot remmber what type. I do remember it helping. :confused1:

  • Wax yes,

    as far as purpose, recently I have not had a problem with clearing going down but on the flip I am starting to experience a reverse squeeges I guess you could call it.

  • OK thanks Dan I understand the reverse squeeze better.

    My thinking is that it might help with a few things

    1) relaxing the drum maybe loosen it up a little.

    2) by having a better coat of lube in the ear might help with water getting trapped in the first place. I know that after a dive and I use a cleaning solution it does feel nice when that last bit of trapped water frees itself.

    I guess no one has herd of such a product, It was just an Idea.

  • There is a product you can buy at any drug store that's made for swimmers to dry the inside of the ear fast and prevent infection. I think all it has is a little alcohol, I can tell because it gets my ear burning a little and for this reason I don't like to use it. Usually my ears dry fairly well on their own, I just wanted a little help for the rare times when they don't.

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