Visiting family in June: Hawaiian airlines experiences

  • Hey all, I'm coming back to Oahu this summer and wanted to bring my dive gear. Does anyone have any experience traveling with dive gear on Hawaiian? Any tips to help or to avoid trouble? I've got fiberglass fins and would be kinda worried about them breaking if I checked them, not to mention the potential speargun issues.

  • I mailed my shaft in a PVC pipe for $10 and sent my speargun and rifle all in the same case to Kona. It worked out ok for me. My brother has a pair of Gara 3000's that I used while I was there. I know some guys keep the fins as a carry on.

  • Thanks all, I'm definitely not putting gun or saying gun anywhere at all. lol That's a good way to waste a 700 dollar airplane ticket. I probably won't chance bringing the gear. Just stick to rod and reel fishing.

  • Bringing a firearm on a plane is not a problem. You have to make sure it is unloaded and in a hard case. Most airlines will allow for 11 pounds of ammunition. Check with your airlines and their policy. When you check in let them know you are traveling with a firearm and they will ask to have TSA check it and you sign a waiver stating that the firearm is unloaded. Traveling with a speargun is even easier just say it is fishing equipment like others have stated.

  • Alguien pueda traducir gracias

    Nosotros vamos al aeropuerto en España y cuando regresamos también, con las armas embaladas nos presentamos a la policia del aeropuerto
    les hacemos saber para su embarque, enseñando la tarjeta deportiva federativa y permiso de pesca ,si no tenéis el SRC (seguro de responsabilidad
    civil) y permiso de pesca de vuestro país el nombre o código o clave para embarcar las armas de pesca bien embaladas y desmontadas se llama ZZ,
    posiblemente pagues algún extra como 7$ o poco mas de recargo y la policia las lleva personalmente al avión o embarque, con el resguardo que os den
    lo que no se si la policia de destino os las recoge y entrega o pasa directamente a la cinta de las maletas, depende el pais

  • One last question all: I've got a 7mm top and bottom freedive suit and a 3/2 surf suit. Which one should I bring? I'm leaning towards the surf suit since the 7mm would probably be too hot in Hawaii.

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