spearfishing and diving in Miami-need advice

  • Hi:

    Recently joined this community and I am looking for people interested on spear fishing/diving.

    I have spearfishing equipment (48”Sea Hornet, double rubber bands and reel), free diving gear and I am in the process of becoming SCUBA certified.

    I own an outboard boat (17 foot, 90 HP Merc) equipped with GPS and it is a great boat for fishing/diving. I would love to learn about new places to spearfish, specially around Key Biscayne and Elliot Key.

    I am interested to hear from anyone that would like to share tips, locations and/or company. I would appreciate to take someone out that would help out sharing some expenses (my motor is a 4-stroke and gas usage is very economical)

    Any information on the subject would be appreciated. My e-mail is Leojor_2000@Yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance.



  • Welcome to the forum.

    Stick around and get to know the members. Many don't have boats and will be happy to join you. Going out of Haulover is my preferred starting point because I live in Ft. Lauderldale and I'm a little familar with the area. If you want to go out and are looking for people don't hesitate to start a thread saying so a day or two before you trip. conversely look for posts from guys who need divers. Enjoy the forum :toast:


  • How deep can you freedive and when are you free?

    We usually go out of Government cut but we fish the area by fowey. It is shallow and there are blacks but they are very spooky. Best is to hit the wrecks by there.

    Davie Peguero

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  • I freedive about 25' and weekends and some days during the week I am free, I live 6 miles from Matheson Hammock, that's where I launch my boat

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