Whale shark and I

  • Going to just share my FB post :rolleyes1:
    More pictures/photos taken by Maurice Watson of Sandals dive shop of the whale shark encounter just outside of Cades Reef, located in the South of Antigua on the 13.01.2015, in very rough seas and high winds.
    Wadadli Cats was hired to do a dive trip for sandals, on our way to the second dive site of the day I spotted a funny dark spot a long way off looking south, I kept and eye on it and decided to use my captains privileges grin emoticon to take a look as it was peaking my curiosity. As we got closer i narrowed the options down to a whale shark or a very large tiger... both options were highly desirable to me, but I was praying for a whale shark as i have never seen one in the wild and definitely on my bucket list wink emoticon
    Another qualified captain took over as i quickly stripped off my uniform, and still with leatherman on belt lept off the side of the boat with mask and fins on, close to the dark shark silhouette. Immediately I recognised my dream fish, and shouted whale shark! I circled it ascertaining its behaviour and mood. It was not feeding and very curious of me, it turned into me and started swimming WITH me, at this point i went down about 15ft-20ft and swam close to it, finally i caught a ride on its dorsal fin as we swam together. By this time the sandals dive instructors deciding i was not being eaten decided to join in the encounter..lol. grin emoticon
    One of the Instructors, Maurice had borrowed one of the guests cameras and unbeknownst to me was snapping away, truth be told i wasnt even aware of their presence until the shark went to investigate them. He? surfaced right next to them and was definitely trying to interact. Me being with him was in no way stressing him out, and quite the contrary he wanted more! The highlight of the encounter was when i swam to his head next to his eye and spread my arms, slowly intending on doing a barrel roll around him, when to my amazement he started rolling with me!! He was mimicking my actions and keeping me squarely in his left eye sight. You can see the start of the roll in a couple of the pictures. Although his eyes are tiny compared to his size the intelligence and curiosity was humbling. Finally I had to call it quits as we still had a job to do, if it were not for the job I would have stayed with him till he decided he had had enough.
    Just another day of feeling privileged to call this incredible island Antigua my home.

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Almost blasted ya on that but this was obv leisure time not fish business so do as you do :thumbsup2:

    Hahahhahahaha, you sure your not a lawyer? [emoji1]

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Amazing,,,,

    Great to hear your in right place at right time. :thumbsup2:

    Eat a tad bit more of the fish you are shooting. Your ankles are a Tad boney.... :laughing:

    The wife cutting back your portions? :laughing3:

  • You need to check the Freedive Store for some gear. :laughing:

    You are lucky I am wearing pants [emoji1] in my hurry to strip and get into the water I almost forgot i was at work [emoji4]

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

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