A pair of muttons, grouper, and white margets

  • Went out this past sunday with my dive crew to take advantage of the nice weather we have been having in Antigua before it passed. We have been relegated to poor shore dives since I sold my boat last year and were adamant that we had to get out on a boat dive to look for some big muttons.
    One of my guys found this cool cat with an old school 13ft whaler who agreed to take us out a few miles from shore and all we needed to do was buy the gas and provide a few fish. He didn't need to say one more word!! We were out of port like a texas tornado :outtahere:.
    On the first drop, we hit a shallow wreck in 25ft that was teeming with snapper and margets within the 4-8lb region. I came equipped with my trusty Koah 40" shorty on a double wrap and no reel. Took down a 8lb marget and a few small snapper before we decided to hit deeper water. The next drop was about 1-1/2 miles offshore in about 45-50ft of water. As soon as I jumped in, I was amazed by 80% visibility and muttons circling below looking curious. This was the first time that I have seen a shoal of 12 muttons all over 8lbs :@. I immediately dove down on the and picked off a 12lber with a difficult top shot as he passed below me. Dove up and threw him on the boat and went down to spank another! Missed on the third mutton before the rest got smart and scattered for the hills. So I decided to start checking under ledges and in caves for some delicious red hind when as soon as I peeped into a suspicious cave, there was this beautiful grouper just there relaxing. I held onto a the reef and slowly raised my gun center mass and let my spear fly! Perfect stoned shot shattered his vertebra :thumbsup2:. Came back ashore before lunch with a damn good catch :cool2:.

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