Mask Viewfield and Volume

  • Hello everybody

    The people from the norwegian spearfishing shop Frivannsliv have measured the horizontal/vertical viewfield and the volume of several masks.
    Frivannsliv - spesialist p fridykking og undervannsjakt

    I thought it might be interesting:)

    I apologize for not being a very active member otherwise..:nono: Anyhow I do have some interesting footage from my recent trip to Norway, I will sum it up and post it soon.

    Safe and happy diving ;)

  • Hi Isaac, thanks, interesting information

    The photo is from January 16?

    The fish as it is called, seems codfish

    Un Hombre tiene que creer en algo.......
    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

  • Hello Isaak,
    You performed very interesting test, congratulations for that. I red it thanks to Google translation, but I'm afrraid not everything is clear for me and I have some questions.
    What about the distance between mask and measuring ruler (red arrow)?
    For the tables. As far as I understand first table is for viewing angles (horisontal, vertical and total) (in mm) and the second table is for volume (in ml), but I'm surprising the figures in the two tables are absolutely the same. Please check once again isn't it a mistake.

  • Hello everyone:)

    To Josedias: Yes it is a codfish, but from summer 2015.

    To valjo: The distance is 10 cm and the numbers from the cross are calculated with maths.
    Yes, you are right, the second table should contain the "volume information". I wrote them (Frivannsliv) a message about that:)
    Thanks for the kind replies,

    Cheers, Isaac

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