Antigua spearfishing reports 2

  • Went marlin fishing but came home with a lot of BULL, 44.7 lb of bull to be precise.
    Long drifts full of sharks and a terribly sea sick boat driver, I had to do everything myself, was giving up and decided to do one last drift in a secret spot, man was I happy I did that! All of a sudden surrounded by a massive bull and 30 lb cows... had my gun set up breakaway and shot the bull in short order, the bull took off and I ignored him and yelled at my unconscious boat driver to pass me my other gun. He got up and passed my kill gun on a reel... just loaded one band, had not even taken off the tip protector! Cow swims by me and I mange a quick low shot at close on! As I grabbed my reel line and tried to get close to the cow the bull swam by with a big shark on his tail, if you know dolphin fish, you know they don't play managed to get the cow upside down and quickly ripped a gill out, bleed out fast, and to boat as fast as I could hustle, cow was 27 lbs. Then charged the shark, he swung away and I started to pull in the bull with the shark dogging my heels. Finally got that monster bull under control and up on the boat, great day I will never forget. My two #koahspearguns never let me down!
    Pictures of Bull and cow.

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

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