New speargun advice

  • hi

    I'm spearfishing for about 5 years

    during summer vacation mostly in Greek and I go alone

    I'm moving in shallow water around the rocks along the coast or early in the morning on the beach

    I had a salvimar intruder pro 75 that was unfortunately overtaken by a car

    I'm thinking of buying a new one

    My dilemma was to take again 75 or 90 size

    and now I want a more serious, reliable rifle with more power

    These are the manufacturers that are available to me SEAC, CRESI, SALVIMAR, MARES, PATHOS

    Can some advice for some model and size

  • Welcome to Spearfishing World.

    Size of speargun will depend on visibility in your waters, and your height which amounts to what size gun you're comfortable loading. Also if you're mostly shooting into holes/caves. For example here in South Florida we are fortunate to often have 30ft+ visibility, so a 110 to 120cm speargun is ideal, if you are big enough to handle it.

    You mentioned Mares as one of the options available to you. A pneumatic speargun packs a lot of power in a small package, is compact and very accurate. If a smaller (90cm) speargun is what you're looking for then the new Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT may be a good choice. See my review here Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT now available.

  • thank you very much for advice

    I'd like a sling gun

    visibility is good and I think the size of 90 would be good

    I am more interested in the advice specifically for a model which is reliable , of the mentioned manufacturers because I am not at sea

  • Hi Ygy!

    If I were you I had already bought a Pathos Laser Open or a Cressi Cherokee, both are the best spearguns in the market, in my opinion!

    But Cressi is a little fragile tha Pathos! Now I'm using Pathos Laser Open and is the best speargun that I've had used ever!!! Forget other brands....Get one Pathos and you will understand what I'm talking about....It's simple, resistent, durable!

    I hope that it could helped you!

    Bruno Teixeira

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