Sardeña spearfishing, few fish but plenty of pork

  • A friend of mine visited Sardeña, Italy. He said beautiful place, bluest clearest water he's ever seen (he's from Cuba), but very little fish that he could find. The pork however was plentiful :) He sent me this video and I was amazed at how it's cooked.

    Pics of the Sardeña coast and his catch.

  • I was in Sardegna with my family a couple weeks ago! That's where my dad was born!

    One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. And I've traveled the world...

    And the food... The food.... The wine, the coffee.... Everything! :)

    There is fish. But it is deep. If you do a little search in youtube, you'll find plenty videos.

    We managed to see a tuna frenzy when taking a ride with my nephew "gommone" (RIB). They're not allowed to take though.

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Such a glowing description makes me want to go see ..but I have a hard time driving to the keys for diving, never mind airplane hopping for a whole day. Lost the urge to travel I guess, south Florida must be giving me what I need. These hurricanes do keep you sharp :)

    I looked at a few Sardegna videos, here's a nice one. Strange not to see the fish one is used to, and those rock formations are so cool to dive.

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