Hunting for the Free Dive Store

  • So I was in Cape Coral for 13 days working up to Friday last week. On my way back to Miami I really wanted to pass the Freedive store and say hello. And buy a few things for tying bands etc.

    Google and Siri got me to a place and Siri says, “your destination is on the right”. Huh? All I could see were houses. So I turned right on the next street, circled around and saw a white van with dive flags on it, but no sign or anything to indicate I was at a Dive Store.

    Then it hit me...”wait, the forum has been renamed so maybe the store has too”. So I punch in Spearfishing World and Siri and I headed south. We find the store, wait for it to open and the two Latinos working there said, “Dan? Nobody named Dan works here”.

    By this time I had to go and check into the hotel. So I message Dude George and told him basically what I typed here and he said,”the Freedive Store IS Dan’s house”.

    Well shit. I guess I was there at the first stop? Sorry I missed you, Dan. Maybe next time.

  • Sorry I missed you Hank, would've been good to meet after all this time. Always thought it would be in Belize.

    George must be thinking two years back when I was still running mostly the online store from a house. Today the Freedive Store (soon will be renamed to Spearfishing Store) is a brick and mortar location/commercial building at 1044 NE 15th Ave in Fort Lauderdale. At the intersection of Sunrise Blvd and NE 15th, and across the street from Publix. There's still a lot of work to do here, to bring to life the vision I have for the place. But it's hard to find the time to do it as daily store operations, bringing new products to market, administering the forum etc. is taking most of it. Maybe one day I'll get to dive =O

    Spearfishing World (not this forum) is in fact a store in Miami. They're my competition but I prefer my location :)

  • Yep, that’s where I was. It was about 8:30 am and looked all closed up. I didn’t want to get shot!! ...snooping around someone’s home. I need batteries for my Aeris computers. Will order from the store.

    Any time you get to Belize Dan, we’re out there. I’m done traveling. Love being home with the kids and wife....and boat.

  • Looks like a good location for a drive thru ...

    " I'll have the number five combo with 400lb mono, 5/16 shaft, slip tip and a large Coke no ice...."


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