• OK so I am new to the site and the sport. Only been spearing for about 1 year and having lots of fun and fresh fish dinners. As any students I have read plenty and watch many videos but still I don't quite understand the power of some guns.

    I have a Mares Bandit 110 and a AB Biller 38 Special. Like them both and they are perfect for my not so deep reef adventures. Yet I see videos with people shooting with similar length guns from quite a distance and hitting their fish. If I am not close enough I can't hit my targets. Is it just thicker bands?? Are the mist expensive guns really all that better??

    Thanks in advance for any input.


  • The most expensive guns speaking generally are not all that better when it comes to range and accuracy. But the two guns you have are particularly cheap, and ineffective with stock setup.

    To hit fish from a good distance you will need 2 x 16mm bands. For good penetration at a distance you'll need at least a 7mm diameter shaft. A trigger that will hold the shaft securely when these bands are loaded, and release smoothly when you press it without jerking the gun.

    The Speardiver Phantom Speargun is a good choice.

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