Seahawk Veleno

  • Hello,

    Found a very old thread about Seahawk guns but decided to start this one.

    Saw on their Instagram a Veleno model Carbon Fiber Roller.

    The gun and design look very nice, just wondering if anyone has ever actually used one and can share some feedback.


    Here is a youtube vid for reference.

  • OK! So after using the Veleno two times hunting and one time just for testing, here is some feedback on the gun.

    First and foremost I consider myself a beginner, if anything I say is wrong please correct any info for the benefit of all.

    I have used the following guns: AB Biller in different sizes, Mares Bandit 110, Picasso 100 modified to roller and now the Veleno.

    Upon opening the box I noticed the shooting mono line was somewhat thin, I changed that to a 1.40 mm 200lbs line. Also the mono came with knots instead of crimps, to me seems like an inexpensive upgrade that could come direct from the gun makers, but since I was changing the mono anyways then no issue for me. The reel line also seems thin. I keep forgetting to ask the manufacturer about this before I go and buy a new reel line. It also includes the necessary parts to modify the head from a roller to an inverted roller to a regular band set up.

    The gun is sexy, period, really looks nice. That does not land more fish but it is a sexy gun. The reloading take more time than usual for a roller but if anything is forcing me to take better quality shots. Their reload system with the steel rod is helpful. The rubber bands are shorter than my Picasso roller with same thickness, therefore it take more strength from me to reload and the steel rod helps. I save the rod with my 2nd "emergency" knife by my belt, I get semi psycho about it so I don't loose it. :)

    The shaft does not have a rest shark fin somewhere in the middle. That would help me a lot. Thinking of exchanging the shaft of the Picasso for this one because of the rest tab.

    This gun is the most powerful I have shot to date. I have the mono double wrap and the shaft has not lost all the power since it recoils to the reel line. Thinking of triple wrapping it. I have taken longer shots with full confidence. Accuracy so far is super good. Only have missed one fish and was my fault for being a bit impatient, live and learn. I feel I can take down heavier game with the gun as is but with a break away float line set up. I am still not in the open water hunts, someday, someday.

    Thu gun does feel nice underwater. It does float "weirdly" if I let go of it. It points upward and I assume is from the weight of the reel and line. Maybe it happens with all guns with reels?! Still underwater is no issue.

    Overall I am quite happy with it.

  • Yes, the reel makes a gun tail heavy unless it has some buoyancy off-set of its own. Don't judge the line by how thin it is as some woven cords can be very strong. Mono pretty much depends on its cross-section for strength. I suggest you use the gun without making too many changes at first as then you will get your eye in with it. Some people continually fiddle with their guns and wonder why their shots are not consistent as they keep changing its performance with different bands and spears. Match the gun to what you intend to shoot, if something appears that looks beyond your gun's capacity then don't shoot it, but make a mental note as to what may be required next time.

  • Hey Marco ,

    I am in Ocean Park area in San Juan, two blocks from the ocean.

    Luckily there is not many spearfishing nor commercial fishing so there is plenty of spots and fish around.

    I usually go fishing to the same surfs spots I frequent.

    Come back for a visit!

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