My first 21 pounder!!!

  • So last Sunday I managed to land my first 21 pounder. I have been mostly getting smaller fish enough for one person, bigger one maybe at 5-6 pounds so Sunday was a BIG day for me. Obviously I have never been pulled so hard by a fish before and the fight lasted some 6 minutes, all caught on GoPro, all lines tangled, all quite exciting, yet...

    So the fish was a Permit/Pampano/Jurel. I have seen them three times before but never pulled the trigger as I have read conflicting info. Here in Puerto Rico the Department of Natural Resources say it's only catch and release, the local fisherman for the restaurant I work in told me I can catch them, some web sites said they are not good to eat, other say they are delicious, so what is going on????

    On Sunday my instinct kicked in quick and I pulled the trigger, land it, ate it with all my employees (btw it was delicious) yet I have not been able to enjoy all the social media post I would normally do since I'm still not sure if it's "legal" down here.

    I know there are some members on this community that are from PR so if anyone can share some correct info it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Once you have eaten it everything else is irrelevant unless you plan to shoot more of them. Once transformed into fillets and skinned/scaled few would know what species a fish is, so myself and my buddy transform fish into foodstuffs as quickly as possible after capture and simultaneously feeding opportunistic marine and bird life with any unwanted "evidence". I am not condoning spearing of protected species, but spilled milk cannot be put back into a bottle and it eliminates tedious later discussions.

  • I lived in Puerto Rico for 7 years (miss those waters, btw). Now I'm located in Miami.

    Permit is a very good fish to eat. I think now it is illegal to spear over there, so you better don't put any pictures in the SM.


    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

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