Panama yellowfin tuna spearfishing!

  • The Tunas certainly give you a short shot window with their fast swimming. I note that the divers are entering the water with the guns charged for shooting which is understandable under those conditions as the fish are always moving with their prey. A couple of shots to finish them from 3 band guns which are very reliable. How much meat did you recover from the fish, they looked to be fat ones?

  • from 60 to 70 jumps from the boat made while following the dolphins (spinner) in about 3 to 4 hours offshore action

    4 bands gun loaded

    about 10% chance to see yellowfin tuna while jumping and diving to about 60/ 70 feet depth... 10% which means one in four to get the opportunity to shoot the tuna (miss or not)...

    fish dressed about 60% meat filetted ..

  • Very good how-to video, you need a nice long sharp knife for that work. We used to wear a steel link glove on the free hand just in case the knife slipped as better than slicing one's fingers. The heads and frames went over the side as never extracted all the meat and any trimmings were discarded. My dive buddy had a full set of butcher's knives as he loved chopping the fish up while I stowed the gear.

  • I did that very same trip last year (not with Arnaud) and have to say that it is not my "cup of tea". Hours and hours following the dolphins in a panga where you can't lean your back for 3 days was exhausting. I took my son for his birthday and he missed a tuna with a Wong (that he never had shot before). I never had them on shooting range. We got some wahoos though.

    This being said, you were lucky to found them in numbers. We didn't see the vortex never, maybe we went when the season was almost over.

    But Arnaud had become a "tuna specialist" in Panama. He knows his thing better than no one that I know. Additionally, he's a good person. I've shared several dives with him. Last one here in Miami. 8)

    I'm not sure if I would try it again, but if I do, will be with Arnaud for sure.

    Congrats for your tuna! :)

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

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