Howdy from Texas

  • First post, though I've been lurking on the site for a while. I am blown away at the amount of knowledge/info on the site (specifically in the gear threads) and the willingness of strangers to share their experience.

    My name is Tim and I live in Houston. I grew up fishing the flats in Corpus Christi/Port Aransas and bowhunting at the family ranch down South. As such, I was enamored by the sport of spearfishing as it seemed to combine the two. Despite my growing interest, it seemed an unattainable goal as my dive experience is limited to vacation scuba, I know nobody who spearfishes, and I've got no boat to get to any fishing locations (offshore rigs). Finally, after discovering multiple online networks of like-minded "spearos," I said "Let's do it!"

    I am taking PADI Freediver I and II this week. While I can respect/appreciate freediving as a sport in and of itself, I do not intend to push my limits to that extent. From the courses, I hope to learn proper buddy, finning, and breathing techniques as well as the ability to dive to depth as efficiently as possible. I am going into the long weekend with the goal of spearfishing in mind.

    I look forward to paying my dues and getting into the water. I've started accumulating my gear and my older brother (no interest in diving) bought a 24' NauticStar 231 Coastal. Planning on doing some scouting next weekend! All of a sudden, my "unattainable goal" doesn't look so unattainable! :D Just need some gear and dive buddies. Oh! And a bit of know-how (LOL)

    Safe diving, y'all. I look forward to learning all i can, meeting some of you, and sharing my journey!

    Cheers, Tim :hangloose:

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