Sunday, August 1, 2021 - Nice day out!

  • Hello to all,

    Got these boys yesterday.

    First ever African pompano form me, good 18lbs. (the one on the floor my buddy caught after I told him what to do, he was clueless, but that is another story)

    PB for the yellow jack at 12lbs. (YJack fought way harder than the AP)

    In any case super happy about the day and of course... the always downer topic of ciguatera came up.

    Many people writing me with all kinds of opinions.

    I have eaten YJacks before, so far no issues.

    At this rate, I guess I can only target small school masters snappers, as apparently every fish in the ocean has cig... :S :S :S

  • I believe if you eat a small piece that's contaminated you'll get less sick than if you eat a whole meal. I only got sick one time. It kicked in a couple of hours after eating and lasted about 6 hours. The worst of it was pretty shitty, pun intended. It was from this guy in Cuba, north coast between Havana and Matanzas. I had many fish from this same area, different species including barracuda, and never got sick.

  • Nice catch, Camposartu.

    I lived in Puerto Rico several years and got ciguatera (4 times!) there. There are parts of the Island where ciguatera is more present than others. The East coast is the worst.

    The only test that actually works is what Dan told you; eat a small piece and is you feel "weird", throw the fish away. I know that Yellow jack can be prone to get cig in the Caribbean, while here in Florida it is safe to eat.

    For the records, I got ciguatera there with barracuda (small), hogfish, king mackerel and amberjack.

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Hello,

    yes Marco, I had read about you getting Cig down here. Did not know it was 4 times :/

    Gave some fish to several neighbors, they all ate and are ok. Best test ever! :S

    All jokes aside, I have eaten from both fish and all good.

    A buddy from the north center coast gets Ajacks and so far no issues with him.

    Guess is like Dan says, try small pieces before embarking on a full meal with the family.

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