Best shooting line for rollers

  • Hi fellow spearos out there. I want to build a wooden roller speargun but I’m not sure as to what kind of shooting line works best to avoid muzzle wrap. Would you recommend using monofilament? Or you think dyneema works better? I appreciate your thoughts!

  • For roller spearguns and standard spearguns shooting line I use monofilament. Mono is stiff, holds its own weight straight so it doesn't coil and float around creating possibility of entanglement, and is easier to handle/more predictable in the water. Cheap and easily replaceable, no knots to mess around with. Also less drag than a corded line. Even when I use a reel with line, the section attached to the spear + 2 wraps is mono.

    You will need a good crimping tool to compress the crimps that will make the attachment loops in the mono line, to the spear and muzzle bungee. I prefer this all stainless steel crimper to keep on the boat, it doesn't rust

    This is high quality mono made in Florida that's tested and always true to its stated breaking strength…nt-speargun-shooting-line

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