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    I am in Washington state too, Mill Creek to be precise. I’ve never done any diving in this state nor have I taken any freediving certification class but I have 20 years freediving with the purpose of spearfishing. My experience is limited to warm water diving exclusively though. I’ve done lots of research but between the insane regulations, the water temperature and the poor visibility never really had the urge. Maybe I could tag along on one of your crabbing trips to see if I get hooked.

    From what I understand the freediving clases put a lot of emphasis on breathing techniques, stretching, diver etiquette and emergency protocols. All of it important and definitely conducive to a better experience/performance but not required IMHO. Good judgment and common sense are just as important.

    Kudos to those that have the balls to swim with Orcas, no idea how they fit in the wetsuit. I personally rather watch from the boat. I’ve run into a couple of pods around Washington’s west coast when o go rod fishing and they are an intimidating bunch. Once they get close to the boat (27’ Alumaweld) you can’t help but remember that famous line - we’re going to need a bigger boat- from Jaws. They’re really cool creatures for sure.

    Cool video, thank you for sharing. I’m visiting for the first time since 1999 so I’m really excited about it. I’ll share my findings with you guys. Everything is supposed to be more challenging. Airport harassment, transportation, regulations etc.... I’ll keep you guys posted but the trip is scheduled for November 2018.

    I could be wrong but if the shaft is the same length of both the 130 should have more power. The 115 is propelling the same shaft mass as the 130 but it has 15 cm less of band stretch. At least that’s how I understand it

    Well I guess you are right but I have already bought them and they are quite expensive and I guess I need to change my kicking style but how?

    You probably don’t want to read this but a new finning/kicking style doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a bit of practice. Most divers don’t have the time or the willingness to incorporate a new kicking cycle. Usually frustration wins and most trade/sell the gear and go back to what they’re used to skipping over the benefits a “different” product may provide. I like C4 but I’m not convinced the price is justified.

    I strongly suggest you use them on a dozen dives at least. Even if you have other fins, even if you think it’s a drag just -mind over matter- through it. Worse case scenario your experience may help another separo down the line make the right choice. If after that you decide you just hate the fins and don’t want to use them you can always sell them or make them shorter. Carbon blades are easy to trim, they’re not as fragile as people think. You could trim 1” at a time until you find what works for you.

    The cuts on your ankles.....are you wearing socks?

    I am so grateful to be a part of this community. It’s awesome to be able to network with people abroad. I’ve been lucky to dive three times this week and possibly the same next week. I couldn’t have asked for more and for that I thank the members here.

    For the local guys I can say that the visibility hasn’t been great, hazy 25-30 ft at best but totally doable. Haven’t shot much yet but I’ve been having a ton of fun and that’s what it’s all about.

    Wow dude that’s the second time you would be hooking me up. The first time in Puerto Rico and now in Fort Lauderdale. Much appreciated, I’ll call message you tomorrow morning. Marry Christmas

    I think it can be done but you have to keep in mind the trigger/handle area. What’s it made of? Where is it located within the stock? Are you going to use a reel? If yes how much does it weigh? Your calculations will get you close but nothing beats going to the beach or using a saltwater tank. My 2c.