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    I was pretty young and made me a ploespear by lashing surgical tubing to a broom handle and put a small 3 prong flounder gig head on it. Back in those days you could drive along the beach on the Gulf Coast and we had a 1965 International Scout 4 wd.
    We found an old wreck not far off the beach by having someone ride on top of the jeep looking for a dark spot in the water riding slow along the beach. It was'nt much left, just a few ribs in about 12 ft. of water. No fins, only an old round dive mask and my makeshift polespear and cutoff jeans. I think I got 2 spade fish that day and saw a couple of small back snapper.

    Not for sure but looking closely at the OP maybe he was not looking to improve range or performance, but going to sharkfin/open muzzle so he could tie his own bands in the "spectra/dynema. Nothing was mentioned about improving, range etc. per se, only looking for options to make his gun more usable. It's only a thought

    Nice youtube toptuna, I got my first Elite about 6 months ago and love it. I've been shooting JBL's for 40 years and I've killed a pile of fish with em, Scuba and snorkel. Never had a reason to change, it does everything I ask it to. I just shot a nice trevalley about 3 hrs. ago.

    Any suggestions for a spearo retiring in Central America? I have been looking at the Bay Islands of Honduras but hear it's pretty fished out and spearfishing is prohibited, I'm waiting for the report from Panama. Not really looking for a tourist area but more of a place I can blend in with the locals. Panama, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Pacific? What say you?

    Great story Dan, it's amazing how technology changes and how different guns can be. My first gun was the old pre JBL sawed-off mag which was simply Swimmaster Voit I purchased the year I got certified for scuba back in 1973. I still have it at home. I was young, poor and ignorant and not for sure if there was anything better on the market, I never saw anything out there and figured half the problem was me, and too poor to get something else even if I wanted to. I had to change some things on my gun and tweak it and also had to learn to stalk and hunt and shoot better. But I've had pretty good luck over the years. I shoot a JBL Elite Sawed-Off Woody and I'm sure there are better guns out there. I've only just started learning about spearfishing and have a long way to go to be a seasoned spearo, but I'm having fun on the way. Keep those stories coming.

    Thanks Phil, I was going to send you a PM, but either I don't have my account set up for it or it's locked. Could be my settings since I'm not very computer savy.
    But sounds Like I should have been using a mid-hadle years ago.

    Thanks Phil, some good info to go on. I heard somewhere that you helped in the development of the new JBL mid-handles that will be out soon, is this true?

    Would like to get your opinions, I am thinking about a mid-handle gun but I mostly hunt shallow water reefs and I've been using the JBL Sawed-Off version since 1973. Dan mentioned in another post (handles) which are more ergo-friendly I use an Elite Sawed-Off Woody Mag and it's a great gun for my application but I hear alot of good things about mid-handles. I don't mind scratching up my JBL but I'm a poor man and it would break my heart to blemish a higher end piece of art. Is a mid-handle impractical for my application? Suggestions?

    I've never had a problem loading mine just takes a good positive push and then I pulll against it just to make sure. And I think I would prefer the plastic end after seeing some pics of those really high end guns with split band slots. That would make me cry. I would think it's alot cheaper and easier to replace the plastic than make a repair directly to the wood.

    I've been shooting a new JBL Elite Sawed-Off Woody mag that I got about 5 months ago new. It's been a very good gun so far. I honestly can't see much difference in it and the Riffes I saw at the store the other day. Looks almost like a copy. Only a whole lot less $$$
    I'm not a professional so take my coments with a grain of salt.