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    Aloha from Hawaii got my order in and was blown away how fast it came mahalo. so stoked to get one nice reel and at a great price mahalo again.:thumbsup2::thumbsup2:

    SUPER AWESOME GUYS!! MAHALO FOR ALL THIS. I know how strict cali is, one of my marine buddys is a game warden(well was in school last i talked to him) and i remeber hearing about all sorts of marines getting into trouble so i figured i'd rather learn as much as i can before i get out there so i wont have to worry about it.

    so anyone know of any websites with photos of the fish that are legal in cali? i've never dove kelp beds so it'll be new and i just want an idea im sure once i get to cali i can go to the wildlife office and get more help just trying to be prepared to see what gear i should take and what gear to sell before leaving hawaii.
    Mahalo for all the help guys

    Yea it helps but i need something a little more simpler. thats why im asking about diver down flags on here also is there a website with pics of the fish that you can shoot i can seem to find anything on the web page.

    What about a diver down flag? How’s that work? In Hawaii we use the lifeguard floats with the flag on them and that's what I have my gun attached to via my 50’ tagline. I do have a reel on my Hammerhead also. Just curious like I said trying to get as much info before I move out there and the Cali dept. of fish and game website kind of confusing. Yea my 3 mill 2 piece suit looks to be a little thin for out there only problem I foresee is that I don’t like using the hoods guess I’ll have to get used to it. Also are there any books or websites that show what fish to take out there?

    What Don said. I have a 90 riffe and a 6 foot 3 prong. I would like to get into a 110 or 120 eventually but you will be set for most diving out here with your 110 and 75. Your 75 with a different tip would be a great beach halibut gun and Nor Cal rock fish gun. The 110 seems to be what most guys dive with around here though.

    What do you guys use your 3prongs on? i have and 8' 3 prong but most likey wont be able to bring it with me. hence the3 prong gun:grin:.

    Hello everyone my names Jack and I’m a spear fishermen out in Hawaii. About me I’m a proud marine veteran. And moved to Hawaii after the Marines. Due to life events I will be moving to LA in the next 6 months so I hope to get to meet some spearos out in SoCal. I dive to about 35 ft. and am working on my bottom time. I see spearfishing as a way of life and a great hobby. Hope to make some new friends on here