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  • random_diver

    Posted the thread Belmar\Avon.
    Anyone dive Shark River Inlet this season? Almost time for green water diving at dusk and dawn.
  • Ramon


    He has died fishing the Italian champion Bruno De Silvestri a great person, a great fisherman and a great champion, I weigh your family. He was fishing 3 miles from Cagliari Sardinia Italia in a 50 meter depth when his boatman saw that he did not
  • aoL1vN

    Hello again guys, I bring you a new adventure, this time sleeping in a van and cooking fish on a barbecue. I hope you enjoy!
  • coolshark

    Hello all
    I want to offer my new video, Bretagne Spring 2019.
    Leave your messages and good viewing, video is 4 min 30s long about.
    I hope you'll enjoy the video
    See you soon ;)
  • virgili

    Posted the thread Cuda.....
  • mosaad

    Posted the thread Side line release triggers.
    Hey guys ,a question come to during fixing the side line triggers ,do you align the top of line release to top of slot or aligned to bottom of slot ? triggers similar to neptonic speardiver niletech ,so does it matter resting on flat side or bevel side…
  • aoL1vN

    Hello guys, here I bring you a new adventure, hiking the south coast of the island where I live. respecting the environment and capturing only what is necessary to eat. Hope you like it!
  • popgun pete

    I thought that I would complete the list of pneumatic speargun types by describing a speargun which has no inner barrel and in a sense no air pressure tank either. This is the vacuum speargun which is powered by a relative vacuum formed inside the gun…
  • Marco

    I'm going tomorrow with my son Alessandro. Would be good to meet personally with some of you. 8)

    Send me an email to marco15499atyahoodotcom if you're going.

    (I wrote it that way to avoid spam).
  • aoL1vN

    Hi everyone! my name is Ivan and i´m from Canary Islands, Spain. I want to share with all of you how i feel the spearfishing
    and all that goes with it, respecting marine life and the environment.
    I hope you enjoy it!
  • aoL1vN

    Posted the thread Hello from Canary Islands.
    Hi, my name is Ivan and i´m from Canary Islands, Spain. I´m delighted to be part of this community ^^
  • Deepabyss

    Posted the thread foot pocket size in cm.

    My foot lenght is 25.5 cm i want put the fin bare someone knows what size at cm the inner footpockets of the following fins:

    cressi gara modular size 38/39

    Cressi gara modular size 40/41

    Cressi gara 3000 ld size 40/41 (diffrent foot pocket)