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  • Marco

    Posted the thread Couple fish in Miami.
    Last weekend i went out with my son Alessandro and two more friends and we found very nice water, nice fish and (amazingly) no sharks.

    Here's the video and a couple pictures.

  • marvinnielsen

    Posted the thread Colorado campgrounds.
    Where are good places to camp with a large group in Colorado that has a lake and trails nearby?
  • Tarick Walcott

    Posted the thread Spearfishing invite.
    Hey all,

    The water visibility will be great this whole week so I plan on going out along the east coast of South Florida Sun-Thur. If anyone is interested in joining me, shoot me a text and we can plan something. 561-340-9835
  • The 32nd CMAS Men's Underwater Fishing World Championship and the II Women's World Championship
    that will take place from September 16 to 20, 2020 in Arbatax - Tortolì (Nuoro), in Sardinia Italy

    The National Fishing Team

    Submarine chosen for the 2021 World
  • Kyle V

    Posted the thread Chum for pelagic fish..
    Hey guys.

    so there is an area here in the island that from the coast you can sometimes find big amberjack ( a guy i know caught a 50 kg one last year) and i've been diving there for awhile now looking for a fish like that and so far i havent seen one. i…
  • Seawolfsub, who make rollerguns and inverted rollerguns, have been developing a pneumatic powered Arbalete. This gun is the "Velair" and instead of a rubber band battery it uses a pneumatic system whereby the cables are pulled by a rod connected to a