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    I am taking a trip to Nicaragua this summer and I want to spearfish. I am targeting cubera snapper and roster fish and whatever else thats big and i can get close to. I want a float that i can't fold up and put in a suit case and take on a plane. I would prefer a board since I may be doing lots of shore dives. Does anyone make a board that folds up? Whats the pricing? Anyone who has done this before I'd love the input.

    Hey guys.
    I'm a florida native. I grew up in my parents dive shop in Jupiter diving almost everyday. Before I was old enough to Scuba dive i started free diving. as i got older i took up spearfishing. It became my life. I used to make fun of people that fished with a rod and reel. Then when I was 12 years old my mom died and a year later Dad closed the shop and sold the boat. That made it more difficult to get out as often as I would have liked. So I bought a rod and reel and became one of those people i made fun of. I still spear as often as I can. I joined this forum because I was looking for some info on DIY floats and saw all the great info on this forum and have to join. I post pictures and videos later on.