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    I thought I'd add my input on the spear diver wetsuit since we're coming into the winter months up here in Canada. For my first wetsuit ever I think it is pretty awesome.

    *First of all I have the 5mm and it feels like a second set of skin. Aside from being a little tight on the junk it is super comfortable.

    As for temperature it is fantastic I've spent over 3 hours in 40F degree water and felt comfortable enough to go for longer. My friend who scuba dives said I would need a dry suit for such a thing, but I pretty much almost stay dry in this suit anyways.

    Overall I am very happy and Dan's customer support was very good. I will have to wait see how the suit holds up over time. The only thing I could ask for is please make some spear diver gloves! My hands are the only thing aside from my checks that get cold :(

    I'm glad this was posted, I was completely unaware of the causes of black outs while diving. I thought if I just stayed comfortably with in my limits I would be fine. Correct me if I'm wrong but apparently hyperventilating and or deep breathing before a dive tricks your mind/body into thinking that it has a greater oxygen supply than it actually does making you feel more comfortable with lower O2 and higher CO2 levels. Then its too late before you know it, and you black out. And apparently hyperventilating and deep breathing don't even increase your current O2 capacity which makes doing so more dangerous in the first place.

    Continuing on I find all that information odd because from what I have read, written by a lot of freedivers or things written about free diving, it is generally supported to hyperventilate or deep breath before a breath hold or a dive to increase dive time.

    Is what I previously stated how these black outs occur? Just curious as prevention is better than cure.

    I've mostly just had pickles, some sauerkraut, and a few random veggies i've thrown in for kicks. Never had kefir before so I can't speak for it. I only started eating them maybe a month or two ago, and they take a little time to make and eat.(I'm not one to sit and gorge on an entire jar of pickles in a sitting)

    I don't know if this would help for everyone but I think it did for me. I originally tried out lactobacillus fermented foods, which I made at home, to help with stomach pains and digestive problems. And it completely got rid of all my stomach and digestive pains. But it also seemed to help with my seasonal allergies a lot, I almost never have a congested nose anymore. I'm not entirely sure if this is why my allergies aren't giving me any problems. but usually around this time of year its not even worth attempting to try and breath through my nose, but my nose is super clear! :thumbsup2:

    Welcome. Please do not mix your love of spelunking with your curiosity for the water.

    Cave diving is for the seriously advanced. And I still think they are crazy haha

    Research your local regs for different freshwater fish and even from Lake to lake. Sometimes there are crazy rules

    I don't think I'd be willing to attempt a cave dive unless I had scuba gear, and was an experienced scuba diver. But I am not. And I originally thought that no spear fishing was allowed in fresh water in British Columbia, but I guess we are allowed to spear fish non-game fish, and burbot. I have never seen anyone spear fishing here.

    Hello everybody! My name is Derek I am from the interior of BC. A little ways from the ocean but there is a lot of lakes! I have absolutely no spearfishing experience, but I have been getting into free diving, since I broke my arm kind of ending my mountain bike season. I may consider spearfishing in the future.

    I enjoy exploring and going places where nobody has been before which is kind of why I am getting into diving. I do quite a bit of caving and figured why not go diving as well. :toast: I don't really have any special places I get yet, but I'm sure I will in the near future.