Malone HandiRack Kayak Rack

  • So last week I picked up my first kayak (Perception Prism). Pretty stoked to hit the water. For my car (Toyota 4Runner) I didn't have any racks or luggage bars, but I was picking it up used and needed racks right away. Got these racks just to be able to pick up the kayak and I must say I am quite surprised. They worked really good. They are inflatable, and come with a pump that takes seconds to pump. They are rated to hold up to 175 lbs. The d-rings give you several points to run the straps through when tying down the kayak. Was concerned about speed so I tried to keep it at 55mph, but hit 75mph when I wasn't paying attention. Not a problem for the racks. The kayak didn't budge. Not sure if these are going to last long term (appear like they may), but for $80 they were a nice deal for at least a quick fix. Just thought I would throw this out there for anyone looking for racks.

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