Chum for pelagic fish.

  • Hey guys.

    so there is an area here in the island that from the coast you can sometimes find big amberjack ( a guy i know caught a 50 kg one last year) and i've been diving there for awhile now looking for a fish like that and so far i havent seen one. i sometimes chum the water with some grinded mackerel or sardines and bread,make a mix and slowly release it to try and bring them in. my question is, do you guys have any tips for chuming? what depth should i deploy the chum bag, should it be on high tide or low tide? any tips would be apreciated :)
    Thanks 8)

  • Fresh sardines / mackerels are in my modest opinion the best chuming all over the Blue Planet

    these fish are rich in oil that attract the pelagic...

    better to keep the chum in a plastic bag to keep the oil and do not wash the fish

    have to throw slowly from the surface each fish one after the other ... and wait on the same spot

    it may takes one hour or more depends of the current

    chuming+ flasher++

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