I've got my first Speargun: Cressi Cherokee Fast - need some help

  • Hey guys

    I started freediving 2 years ago and got really hooked to it. Now I thought I have to bring my hobby to the next level and I signed me in for a sailing and diving trip around the azores. As there are no supermarkets on the boat we'll have to catch our own fish and we'll go spearing (after getting some lessons on the boat).

    I am really looking forward to this trip.

    The thing is, we'll have to bring our own equipment. This includes the speargun. I was recommended to buy the Cressi Cherokee Fast:

    Now the speargun arrived and I have no idea how to set it up. As I am a complete new to this sport I am overwhelmed and I do not understand the "instructions" in the manual.

    The speargun came with a reel, a bungee for shock reduction and a shorter plastic line (in black, still packed on the picture).

    I additionally bought a red monoline (50 m).

    The problem is, that the manual shows several different models and it is not always indicating which is which. At one point it also shows me a spring like shock absorber and now I am not sure if I will also need to buy this or not. Is this not what I have the bungee for? I cannot ask anybody around where I live. There is no sea nearby and spearfishing is illegal in my country ...so the spearfishing community is basically non-existing and I bought the speargun online from Spain.


    I tried to find a solution on youtube or else on the web but I was not successful* and now I hope, you guys can help me.

    - If I have the red line, do I still need the black line? The black line is sturdier and is just made out of plastic (1 filament) and very smooth ...so there is hardly any friction when the rod is fired.

    I attached the red 50 m line to the reel ...it is a lot more flexible than the black one but it is less smooth ...it has an inner white core and and red cover ...both made out of plastic. According to the picture on the website it is fine to attach this line to the rod directly ( https://www.tradeinn.com/divei…-monored-50-m/137916239/p ).

    - How do I implement the bungee if I have a reel?

    - Do I need the spring like shock absorber?

    - Do I need to get me some tools to crimp the line(s) or is it enough if I apply some good knots?

    Any help is much apreciated!



    *I have not found a combination of reel and bungee

  • The bungee is for use in the shooting line if it is anchored at the muzzle, however with a reel you don't use it. Stock a lot of guns don't come with a reel, so the basic supply is for the gun using a couple of line wraps and the bungee to tension the line. This tension keeps the spear held at the open muzzle via some hooks moulded in the muzzle or via metal prongs that do the same job.

    Check out the description here https://www.divewarehouse.com.…erokee-Fast-Speargun.html

  • thanks a lot! Now I understand why I've never found an explanation on how to install the reel and the bungee :D

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