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    Came today. Though I am working I had to open and have a quick look.:D
    I selected the clear blades in medium with the Mares foot pockets.
    At a quick glance they look great and are what I wanted.
    The real test will come on the weekend with a couple of dives planned.…st247/016_zpsc4a418cb.jpg…st247/018_zpsc3b77802.jpg


    Do not need... but I gotta get a pair of those. :laughing3:

    That's the fish dance I was talking about. Fedor went on to win both fights. Pride was such a treat to watch. Bas Rutten for me is the best commentator.

    Fedor's brother Alexander gets little love from newer fans... but this fight has always stood out in my mind as his defining moment.

    Emelianenko vs James Thompson (Colossus) - YouTube

    Both Emelianenko brothers are great example for non-MMA fans of how skill & calm heads prevail over naked aggression and beach muscles. :)

    Fedor is my all time favorite fighter too. Seamless transition from striking to grappling and vice versa, making the fundamental techniques work without getting too fancy with either. An intelligent fighter with a great attitude, packs power and able to take a punch. In a fight against a big Japanese guy he almost got knocked out on his feet, you could see his body automatically regain balance and go for the clinch. What a fighter.. too bad they all got only so many hard fights in them, I'd love to see him go on forever.

    Japanese fighter was Fujita
    Fujita Rocks Fedor! - YouTube

    For me, the defining Fedor fight/moment is this one:
    Fedor Vs. Randleman - YouTube

    He was pathetic and took defeat as a bitch. A true warrior gives everyhing and never underestimate his opponents. Opponents deserve all respect.

    I was happy to see him knocked out for showboating. While I am still a fan of his abilities, fights like the one with Demian Maia were embarrassing... Silva is 10x the striker Maia was and spent more time taunting than engaging. You do it enough, one of those punches will catch you.

    I don't know if this lends much to the subject... But two of first euro guns I've used is the Omer master & Omer sport. They came equipped with either a 20mm band or a 16mm band... And each band diameter had its own thread size.

    The standard threading for that 16mm band diameter is the industry standard now, while the adaptor for the 20mm band faded away. I recall explaining to someone a long time ago that the picasso 19mm & 21mm bands used a "16mm adaptor"... & that, to me, always referred to the adaptor for the 16mm diameter bands & nothing to do with threading itself.

    Nowadays everything seems relatively standardized so I don't worry about semantics, preferring to refer to threading as "standard threading." Just thought I'd give some background. :)

    I'm not gonna try to convince anyone otherwise, but rather just speak of my own preferences.

    I don't like ferule/tie-in systems for euro or smaller guns, but I do like them for bigger guns. On my seasniper pro 60, I love how the three bands lay on the deck and create a flat aiming plane. Shoots great, super accurate (to me), and losing an inch of band stretch doesn't matter to me since I could easily add another band or shorten if needed. Given the size, it may be underpowered, but I can shoot it one-handed when the situation calls. I have never missed a shot with either of my pro60's, ever.

    The floppy bands may seem a pain, but doesn't affect me... all what you're used to. I do completely agree with MonsterSlayer - the heinrich can be a royal pain if you're using mono since it stretches on big fish. For that reason, a lot of SS big guns are rigged with cable or coated cable, since no stretch. I still use mono, but that's because I'm a big dummy. :D

    Different strokes for different folks. ;)

    So is the weight of the catalyst and the base the same as the resulting foam? I want to reinforce my tandem kayak but I don't want to add too much weight.

    Any ideas?

    Pool noodles. :)

    Seriously, they're very cheap and easy to insert into your kayak. Cheap insurance.
    I know a lot of kayak fishermen who have their hulls stuffed with a bunch.

    I got these about a year ago (krazy glue brand)... Went to use first one about a week ago, punctured the seal... And nothing. It was dried up in the factory seal! A bit gel-ish, but high viscosity and rendered unusable. :(

    No prob since I was at home, but would've been pretty bummed if I was out on trip and counting on it.

    I completely understand the frustration... I've dealt with my fair share of idiots on ebay/CL as well. :crazy:
    Was just more confused than annoyed - glad we got to clear the air.

    It was early/mid 2000's and I was sharing an ebay account with my gf, so no worries on the blocking, I'm sure my current personal account isn't on the list. ;)

    I've seen a couple of your items around and nice quality work overall; looking forward to your new polespear design as well. :)

    BTW, that's a great position to be in - too much work coming in! :thumbsup2:

    Several years ago, I remember seeing your ebay auctions and thinking "that's a great idea to weld the clip in the top of the hoop stringer so it won't slide around!"
    A simple, but effective modification!

    Talked to few diving buddies and got commitment for 8 hoop stringers (including 3 for myself).

    Emailed you & asked if there was any price break for just buying several direct vs. one at a time off ebay.
    That was it... no haggling or lowballing... just a short simple question.

    You replied that you didn't want to deal with "my type" and would put me on your banned bidders list... :confused1:

    Having sold things on ebay & craigslist, I can empathize with the frustrations of dealing with shady/cheap buyers.
    However, I re-read my very short email to you and couldn't figure out how I managed to offend you.

    I was bummed because I really thought they were cool. :(

    Nevertheless, I admire the initiative and truly envy those of you who have the tools, knowledge, & skills to create new dive products. :thumbsup2: