Bumpy Start to new California Striped Bass Spearfishery

  • May 1st 2013 began the long awaited freshwater striped bass spearfishery for California spero's but controversy and a rocky road ensued. Controversy no surprise many knew, expected, some H&L fishing folks were going to be upset with the new allowance, but what was not expected by all but a few was "other" agency's and other management jurisdictions over bodies of waters. Such has been the case with one major river in the California DFW designated Central Valley District, the American River, a known would-be choice place to spearfish striped bass.

    In comes to play two management controls, 1505 DFW designated salmon spawning areas and local CCR codes. From the Nimbus Dam on the American River to one mile south of the Arden street bridge is designated 1505 area, thus no spearfishing of any fish is allowed per DFW regulations. The new allowance for spearfishing of striped bass drove spero's to the AR with excitement and anticipation and right away some were met with citations. What was also not allowed and many were unaware were the local agency in management of the shore and river and their CCR that prohibit weapons in the American river parkway.

    Controversy, are spearguns fishing equipment or is a speargun a weapon, and or can a speargun be both. This argument does not get decided by you or me as one I hope would expect, right. The argument is a legal argument, tried and ruled on a judiciary authority.

    As of the writing of the this post it appears spero's to this day are spearfishing the AR one mile down stream of the Arden street bridge. No accountable confirmation in writing is of knowledge to this poster that the Sacramento County Rangers, nor DFW wardens are not or have been issued instruction to not cite spero's for spearfishing in the AR, but it appears for now enforcement offers may not be citing spero's for doing so. Ensure that it is okay to spearfish the AR before doing so. To me this means I would want a copy of that do note cite instruction in my possession before spearfishing the AR.

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