• Here is the Russian "Vlanik" pistonless pneumatic speargun.


    It is the simplest form of pneumatic speargun as it has no inner workings and is a forward latching speargun, hence an annular notch is required at the front end of the shaft. The largest model for now is the 70 cm model.


    This is the 50 cm model


    The guns are very efficient in transforming your loading effort into spear propulsion as the only frictional losses are in the muzzle seal that the shaft slides through.


  • The prices of the "Vlanik" guns are:

    50 cm model gun: 7800 rubles US$116.07 ; spare spear shaft 800 rubles US$11.90

    70 cm model gun: 9000 rubles US$133.93; spare spear shaft 1000 rubles US$14.88

    Shipping costs are unknown, but there have been problems getting spearguns out of Russia. The solution to date has been sending the guns in a partially dismantled state, e.g. the handle in one parcel, the spear and barrel in another.

  • I asked Vladimir if he would sell his guns internationally. He replied that he will not, but suggested that anyone wanting to purchase a "Vlanik" gun should arrange for an intermediary in Russia to order and buy the gun on their behalf and then ship it out to you.

  • Another pistol-like Vlanik gun is shown here. http://apox.ru/forum/topic/804…leti-vlanik/page__st__600

    While interesting to look at this size speargun is not very practical as the spear is too small to shoot anything of any size and the ability to aim and hit anything is also suspect unless it was at near point blank range.

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  • Vlanik 70, The most powerful of the line of guns ... With an envelope of 70 cm, it has an amazing shooting range of 5.6 meters ... It is widely used both in freshwater reservoirs and during sea hunting ...

    The price of a set with one harpoon is 9000 rubles.

    Price spare harpoon 1000 rubles.

  • An option if you cannot buy a genuine Vlanik gun is to buy one of the clones. Here is a link to the Evolusion pistonless gun which is very similar to the Vlanik gun.


    Longest models are 70 cm with options as to where the grip handle is positioned on the gun. Basically this sets the length of the pull rod on the gun when the handle is placed at a different position. Price before shipping is about US$250. The barrel of the Evolusion gun is made from titanium. Thanks to the buoyancy element in the handle the gun floats after the shot.

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  • Just to explain what the "Arma" speargun sought to do is best explained by this diagram which I prepared when I was trying to figure out how it all worked. The unobstructed inner barrel is obvious as only the sear tooth intrudes at the rear and the working course of the piston is thereby maximized for the length of the gun's inner barrel. This "Arma" gun would a better proposition in that respect than most other pneumatic spearguns on the market except for the Vlanik and its direct clones which use all of the inner barrel tube as their "workings" are all located in the muzzle component.

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