Shaft sizing which to buy?

  • Hey guys I'm trying to buy a backup spear shaft for my gun. I currently have the Cressi Comanche rail 110cm. Im trying to get a second shaft for it however idk if I'm supposed to order a shaft at 110cm? Or a different length? I'm not sure if the websites are saying 110cm shaft and implying that for a 110cm gun or of they're say that's the actual shaft size? Does that make sense?

  • Measure your current shaft and quote the size saying that this is a shaft for a "110 model" and you want another one. Specify the length dimension from butt to tip (threaded end if a screw on tip) and the shaft diameter. Gun model numbers are sometimes rounded up for marketing purposes as even numbers sound better, for example a 107 cm will be called a 110. A pneumatic of 54 cm is labelled as a 55 cm or 550, so you get the idea that numbers can be misleading and a bunch of manufacturers all have different interpretations of gun length.

  • You need to buy either a 150 cm shaft (40 cm overhang is the standard) or a 140 cm shaft.

    The Comanches come standard with 6.5 mm shaft. If you want to go with a 7 mm shaft, you better shorten it by 10 cm at least. Aiming will be different. It takes a couple shots to get used to it.

    Websites generally show the actual shaft lenght.

    So, answering your question, order either a 150 cm x 6.5 mm or a 140 cm x 7 mm

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