Warning: Subprof are best avoided!

  • Recently I had to retrieve my money, thank goodness I had used PayPal, from Subprof after they failed to deliver or even make any effort to ship out a C4 "Mr Dark" which I had ordered and paid for on 31st May 2019. For two weeks I heard absolutely nothing, so began a dialogue via their web-site messages which proved to be one-way as they were saying nothing. A few more days later I gave them 3 days to respond and still absolutely nothing. Then I contacted PayPal and filed a claim and PayPal independently contacted them for an explanation. After 7 days they had not responded to PayPal, so PayPal then reversed the transaction and I got all my money back after Subprof had hung onto it for a month. The reason behind this business incompetence is that Subprof advertise what they do not have to sell and rely on you waiting and hoping until maybe they can get it in and then send it on to you, if ever.

    Some investigation shows that they have burnt quite a few customers over the years, but just keep their heads down and say nothing. Their advertised prices look low, but this is based on them holding no stock and incurring no inventory holding costs. Technically that means their customer service level is zero as everything will then be on “back order”, if you can dignify this “modus operandi” by that term.

    Hence buyer beware as this is a heads up to all Spearfishing World members!

    Check out their bad rating on Trustpilot. https://au.trustpilot.com/review/subprof.com?page=3

    P.S. Some years ago when the Omer "Airbalete" was coming out Subprof was one of the very first to list it, but mysteriously were showing photos of the prototypes which had a different nose cone with "side windows" that were not to be found on the production gun. The obvious answer now is they listed before guns were shipped to them, or anybody!

  • My very first online order, of anything, was a pair of Sporasub foot pockets shipped from Subprof to Canada, back in 1999. I had no idea how it was going to work out but I did receive them. Never ordered from Subprof since. There was so little good freediving spearfishing gear back then. Today for great service, fast shipping, high quality and hard to find gear use the Spearfishing Store :)

  • Why I decided to act was when I checked after two weeks had elapsed and with no tracking number provided I found that the "Mr Dark“ was marked as no longer available on their website. Thus either I had purchased the last one they had, in which case it should have been shipped, or they had no stock when I ordered. With Carbon C4 themselves no longer listing the gun that meant they were hanging onto my money with absolutely zero chance of sending me the gun. There are still a few "Mr Dark" guns from other retailers, but Subprof was not going to be able to source a new gun which is what I had already paid them for. I indicated this entire situation to PayPal by sending them copies of all my correspondence to Subprof via time and date stamped screen prints off my computer.

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