Keltvic Special Edition titanium handspear gun three-piece assembly

  • I just took delivery of a titanium three section polespear/handspear from Keltvic in Russia. It is very well made and surprisingly light, although a heavy polespear has more punch if you are shooting something big. The polespear is supplied with two rubber bands, a grey and a black one, the grey one being fitted. The tip thread used is a 7 mm metric thread and the titanium pole diameter is 14 mm. The three 70 cm sections give you a spear that is slightly over 2.1 meters long, that is without a tip. With just two sections it should be good for kids to use when poking around, plus the sliding friction trigger handle allows them to hold a cocked band. Experienced users usually cock the band immediately before striking, but kids don’t have that strength or the ability to hold a prolonged loaded grip so the sliding handle for them is a benefit. Otherwise one simply needs a centre flange to hang onto to prevent your hands slipping, especially if your gloves are slimy from handling previous victims.

    I did not include the tip extension as it will be equipped with multi-prong tips (no escapees).

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