Pensacola jetski spearo here looking for spearbros

  • I'm in Pensacola, and quite simply I am looking to put edible fish of any type & kind in the cooler. I go out off a sea doo fish pro ski.


    1. Decent angler but stone cold knoob spearo.

    STUFF I DID, etc:

    1. PADI OW, planning on doing FII level 1 at benthic.
    2. Tri team swimmer.
    3. Red Cross certified Lifeguard.
    4. Swim coach/instructor with focus on military/rescue swim & water con. Shallow water blackout haunts that type of training too, and I'm well aware of it.
    5. Because of that I'm used to keeping a very close eye on swimmers, even a few at a time.

    I'm attracted to spearfishing for a lot of reasons, and am interested to figure it all out and start spearin'. I'd much rather spear than angle because I love swimming and being in the water.

    I have a tank, and am willing to either SCUBA or free dive, and cheerfully willing to share expenses and labor.

    Reach out if ya want to get in the water.

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