Footpockets and fiberglass fin. Help needed!

  • My name is Richard, I am living in the south of Portugal and I have been reading through many of the posts that are on this forum.

    Could your combined knowledge help me to choose a good combination of fiberglass fins and footpockets for spearfishing? I don't have many stores around here to actually try on different foot pockets and the ones that exist have few sizes and brands, so I see myself limited to buying those or searching for other options online.

    what would be a good footpocket and fiberglass fin match?

    I start from beaches, mostly fish around rocks, caves and once in a while depths of not more than 15m, but I want to progress.

    I have been coastal spearfishing for about 10 years but never progressed to open waters or long breath holds at deeper depths on the sea bottom due to never pushing my limits and generally always catching enough food to satisfy me in these shallower waters.

    Height is 179cm (5'11") and 75kg (165lb) i wear a 5mm open cell wetsuit, carry the fish on my buoy while I'm fishing and normally spend anywhere from 3-6 hours out at a time.

    I have 2mm socks that i use with my current fins.

    Ive measured my feet and they're the following:

    Left foot

    25.5cm (10.04") Long

    11cm (4.33") Wide

    Right foot

    25.8cm (10.15") Long

    11.3cm (4.44") Wide

    (both my heels have a width of 7.5cm(2.95"))


    my feet are pretty normal shaped, with an arch, not flat footed. The point where i feel most pressure is always on the top part of my foot, and that has been decisive in picking a comfortable fin for me.

    my last fins were a pair of Cressi pro star 43/44 snorkling fins that I've had for many years but they bend at the bottom sole a bit (a few hours of that i would be all numb footed)

    I have an interest in upgrading from plastic fins which I've always used, to fiberglass fins and fitting footpockets for long comfortable sessions.

    Any help is appreciated. thank you!

    Richard Reis

  • Hi Richard, welcome to the forum.

    I can't recommend fiberglass fins because good fiberglass blades will cost about the same as carbon blades. Carbon fins are faster and lighter than fiberglass and nowadays quite durable depending on manufacturer, so there's no benefit to fiberglass fins. Cheap fiberglass fins are little better than plastic. Speardiver C90 are excellent carbon fins and are competitively priced Speardiver C90 Carbon Spearfishing Fins. I recommend medium stiffness.

    For your stated measurements plus 2mm socks, the best fit length wise is OMER Stingray size 43-44 OMER Stingray Foot Pockets ( Looks like you have wide feet so not sure how much pressure you'll feel from the sides. If too tight you'll have to go to the next size up, but then the foot pockets will be too long. Good luck.

  • Thanks Dan,

    I'll look into those omer footpockets! I remember a store here had those in stock with the plastic blades, but they didnt have any sizes that fit me, ill check back with them to see if theres new stock.

    Curious you say that about fiberglass, i was told they hold up better around rocks because they're normally thicker than carbon. Theres a dive shop here that has their own brand of carbon blades but I dont know what good or bad blades are. Ill keep reading on but thank you again for your input into helping me out with my search!

    Richard Reis

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