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    I've had my C90 carbon fins with Pathos pockets for several years now. The blades are in great shape, but unfortunately the Pathos pockets aren't holding up as well. I thought about cutting the pocket out and scraping all the glue/residue off. Sanding the blade and re-installing new pockets. Has Dan or anyone done this successfully?

    I've been using the new Pathos pockets with Pursuit C90 Mediums for a couple months now. These pathos pockets (version 3 I believe) are the most comfortable I've ever used and fit my foot perfect. Very light and great flexibility down the tendon when kicking, allowing a full range of motion. I don't think I'll ever use a different pocket now and hope pathos doesn't change a thing

    I've always used Picasso Black Team pockets, which had very stiff tendons and did not allow full flexibility of the blade. The blade would only flex probably 1/3. The Pathos pockets perform better, more comfortable and much lighter

    I wore a 40-42 Picasso, which was a bit tight. I now wear 40-42 pathos and a perfect fit. The Pathos pocket is only slightly larger (wider) than the Picasso 40-42

    I recently received my new c90 fins with Pathos pockets and Dan nailed the sizing using my foot measurements.

    The new pathos pockets are very nice! Very light and soft against my foot. Got to use my fins last weekend for the first time and the fins/pockets performed amazing. My last fins were DiveR fiberglass and there was a big difference in my opinion.

    I'll be doing a write up very soon comparing the two. I need to get in the water a few more times first

    Yes it's the omer. I spit out the snorkel on every dive. I don't have to clear the snorkel to breath immediately on breaking the surface. I think this kind of hood would hinder the process.

    Agreed. I never dive with a snorkel in my mouth

    Might want to look into a charter. From my limited knowledge of the west coast, the fish are pretty far from shore

    Most dive sites are 10-20 miles from shore in the Tampa Bay area. I have some closer to shore, as does everyone else, but water clarity can be a factor. In Spring the water is clear most days; no rain, no rough weather. I agree, If you don't know the area you need to charter

    Planning a trip to Cay Sal in the spring. Anyone have first hand info? We will be running my 28' cc over for a 1 or 2 day trip. And yes we will be clearing customs legally in Bimini so we will have a cruising permit.


    I've been there numerous times, but you've probably already made the trip.

    Want to say hello to everyone! I'm 39 and been around the ocean my entire life. Grew up in the FL keys and Tampa Bay FL areas. My father still lives in the Key's, so I'm fortunate to have a free place to stay there. Love fishing, freediving and still scuba some (only because of a couple friends who need to get into better

    I'm very happy to find Pursuit and this forum. I am ordering a new pair of carbon C90's with new Pathos pockets next week and Dan has answered all my questions and been very helpful

    Looking forward to meeting more like-minded freedivers/spearo's