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    I have seen some spearos in you tube dive for 20-40 meters in hung at bottom for atl least one minute and come up again at surface with total dive time around 3 is that possible I mean it seem really hard , i can hardly dive to 10 meters no matter what kind of training I do , still couldn’t make it beyond 10 meters for spearfishing

    Is there something that I am doing wrong or those spearos that I am seeing in you tube are just unique?

    Where are you from, diving out of?

    Lol. I need you to get a shaft for it and shoot a fat hoo!!

    btw George. Im building one for myself soon, just waiting on the muzzle to come in.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with! Will get off my ass and get the shafts it needs to maximise performance, changing the bands to small diameter small ID bands already made a big difference, will have it tuned this summer, hell I might shoot a tuna with it for laughs 😊

    figure out the maximum band stretch you can have. Then divide that by 4, this will be your band length. These guns are interesting in theory. Although the pulley system cuts the amount of load on the shaft in half, the same amount of work is being exerted on the shaft in motion. This results in a smoother shot utilizing the full length of the barrel, as well as the full stretch of the bands, without any noticable recoil. This means you can use large diameter shafts on a relatively low profile speargun, all you need to do is add more bands.

    As far as accuracy goes.... youll have to play around with the gun, no prototype gun is accurate without field testing, and tinkering.

    Well the one you built me is no theory, badass to the bone Joshua!

    Thanks Wayne for posting this for me... it really is in there properly... I have used practically all other tips on the market Dan, NOTHING is a Mori, although Jon at Ulusub is hinting at tips from him would be soon, we shall see.

    Went marlin fishing but came home with a lot of BULL, 44.7 lb of bull to be precise.
    Long drifts full of sharks and a terribly sea sick boat driver, I had to do everything myself, was giving up and decided to do one last drift in a secret spot, man was I happy I did that! All of a sudden surrounded by a massive bull and 30 lb cows... had my gun set up breakaway and shot the bull in short order, the bull took off and I ignored him and yelled at my unconscious boat driver to pass me my other gun. He got up and passed my kill gun on a reel... just loaded one band, had not even taken off the tip protector! Cow swims by me and I mange a quick low shot at close on! As I grabbed my reel line and tried to get close to the cow the bull swam by with a big shark on his tail, if you know dolphin fish, you know they don't play managed to get the cow upside down and quickly ripped a gill out, bleed out fast, and to boat as fast as I could hustle, cow was 27 lbs. Then charged the shark, he swung away and I started to pull in the bull with the shark dogging my heels. Finally got that monster bull under control and up on the boat, great day I will never forget. My two #koahspearguns never let me down!
    Pictures of Bull and cow.

    Nice fish. So the boat is virgin no more.

    Have you thought about repowering her? Those two strokes are notorious gas hogs. And two, that, that motor is as old as you, isn't it?

    Well, at least you're in the water. I'm getting chilled in LAX airport on the way to SE Asia. Enjoy badehh....:thumbsup2:

    I am fishing it commercially when I can, with the intention of a Suzuki 300 at the end of the tunnel. But until then I have to live with what I have, skint AF [emoji12].

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