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    I bought the Koah Bluewater summer of 2011. Love the gun. It's a straight shooting gun. I took it to Mexico for a dive trip and it did well in aspects of the design. Balance and aiming worked out really well.

    The gun had a kick to it and a good pull when the spear hit the end of the line. The pull at the end was nice telling me there was some energy in that spear. I was shooting at a PVC tubular square I had achored on the bottom of the river in a long deep pool.

    I set up a target in a local river to me and did some test shooting and it was perfect on each shoot. The line needs to be longer for better range. I don't recall the target range of factory line length, but I can measure it if somone is interested.

    I'm not to much of a Blue water diver for experience, used to the low vis water of Northern CA, so this was a new experience for me.

    The only problem I had with the gun was the trigger mech. After holding the gun and the beautiful craftsman ship, there was no Safety. I was like you got to be kidding me. I emailed Koah and they had been waiting on Josh to design one into his trigger. (He was a design on his web site now)

    I took the gun apart and modiified the mech with a safety and the Koah Sales guy (Can't remember his name) was excited to see it on his gun.

    No safety limited his sales in some dive stores. Be Happy to post pics of the gun and modifications. The safety that Josh has it the way to go, My Design was a quick fix as I was in crunch to go on the trip, I had to mill out the inside of the mech and added a cam and lever for safety

    Let me see if I can figure out how to post pictures here.

    FUZZ, sorry about that, I don't even remember the event, I have had trouble before with folks wasting my time to save a buck or two, then disappearing on me. I was probably having a bad hair day and was short with you. Once again sorry about the event and my humble apologies. What is your ebay name, I will unblock you. I have some 50 or so blocks in there.

    As far as stringers go, be happy to quote on volume and discounts. I'm out of stock currently need to make some up. I bought a Diacro bender a year or so ago and have been trying to design a fancier stringer. I've made a couple and was not really to happy with them. Need to make some hardened stops to give me a better bend radius.

    Josh has a picture of one of my stringers on his web page at Neptonic. He bought a few from me for a while, he's probably copied the design and has someone else making them for him. Been a few years now since he has asked for re-stock.

    I have some 15 folks waiting on me to come out with my new Pole spear design. Some of them would want to choke me out for the long delays. I keep getting huge CNC jobs, and Engineering contracts that pay really well making 1000s of parts and all this shuffles the dive projects to the back burner.

    Hello all..... I have been diving the cold northern California coast since 1987.

    After losing my buddy's spear gun off my boat in the early 1990s, and frustration with high replacement costs I got into metal machining and model making.

    Got lots of different designs under my belt with lots of fancy CNC equipment and other tools. Still doing this type of work part time.

    Look forward to meeting new folks out there.

    Be safe Diving, and Keep your Powder dry.