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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
What's your target weight? I'm now 225, down from 235, will get to 195 and hope to stay there.

Do you think a heavier diver stresses carbon finsicon more? A local diver I know is 300lb and using the same pair of Speardiver fins (medium hard stiffness) for 6 years. He already went through 3 pairs of foot pockets.
I would say 175 pounds. I used to weight 154 when I played for the University soccer team, but that was past century...

I'm sure the most important factor when choosing blades stiffness is weight. And for sure a heavier diver will stress them more. Change his Omer footpockets by Mares, shave the tendoms with a potato peeler until you take off about half a pound of each one and he will be the happier guy in the water.
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