Atlanta Hog Hunters forming

  • For those who freedive and spearfish, and who are stuck in the Atlanta area, but wish they were in the South Florida area, a new spearfishing group is forming now.

    This is a loose knit group of experienced freedivers and spearfishermen and ladies, who live up here, but who want to be down there on the weekends.

    I am putting together a "can you go" phone number and email list.

    These will be non commercial, split the expenses, weekend trips to various South Florida areas. Usually 4 people per trip. Drive down on Friday morning, spearfish on Saturday and possibly Sunday morning, then travel back to Atlanta that afternoon. Tiring, but I think it will be worth it. Besides, you can rest when you get back to work. You gotta keep your priorities straight, right?

    We are looking for easy going, go with the flow regular people. If you are interested, let me know.
    Sorry, no scuba, freediving only

  • Atlanta Hog hunters? Hogfish of course. Is there Really anything else, lol
    Our logo shows a Hogfish with crossed spear guns.
    I figured that I was not the only one in the Atlanta area that used to dive South Florida, and would like to do so Again, even if it is a fast track weekend trip. We would also be happy to dive with some of the locals if anyone is interested.

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