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  • Hello All!
    I am totally new to spearfishing and want your equipment suggestions.

    I have a wetsuit, snorkel, fins, mask ect. What I need is my spearfishing equipment.

    I have a seajet/water scooter/bladefish or whatever you want to call them that can get me hundreds of yards off of the beach in a short amount of time.

    I've never been out in what I would call good visibility. It's usually kind of murky.

    I'm in Cape May County, NJ. I will prefer to hunt stripers, flounder and bluefish.

    I've noticed that a lot of spearguns give a distance rating.

    What would be a good speargun for me? Something a little bit better than entry level. Fairly easy to load.

    What shafts/points would you recommend?

    Do all spearguns need a reel? Or does the gun that you suggest need a reel? If so please suggest one.

    Anything else you can suggest will be appreciated!


  • I have never dived in your area, but I've read something...

    I would get a double banded alluminum euro gun in the range of 90 - 110 with a 7 mm flopper shaft.

    You will need either a reel or a floatline with a float if you're after large strippers. I would suggest that you get a REAL spearfishing wetsuit and freediving fins.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum. ;)

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • I was reading on east coast diving too and it seems that people are using 75-110cm size guns depending on where they are going. You should talk to local guys to really get the right info. But on Block Island 110cm guns are recommended (from what I read) and then in shore I believe the visibility is not as good so people go with shorter guns. Float lines are nice in low viz water as you can drop your gun and it is on a float. If your using only a reel you don't have that luxury. Floats also make fighting large fish easier and the float allows you to keep your fish off of your person.Wetsuits seem to vary in thickness from 5mm to 7mm but I swear its warmer on the east coast then in CA. Welcome and good luck on your search.

  • Thanks Marco and Hookinfish!

    I was looking at the JBL Elite 38 Special Woody 42 Speargun #6W38E.

    Gun: Band
    Stock Material: Wood
    Shockline: Monofilament
    Stock Shaft: 5/16 Shaft,Affixed Tip,5/16 Thread,Winged
    Overall Length: 45in
    Shaft Length: 36in
    Bands Included: 2
    Includes Tip: Yes
    Range: 14ft

    and the

    JBL Sawed-Off Woody Magnum Speargun 53 Inches

    Gun: Band
    Stock Material: Wood
    Stock Shaft: 5/16 Shaft,6mm Thread
    Overall Length: 53in
    Shaft Length: 39in
    Bands Included: 3
    Includes Tip: Yes
    Range: Approx. 18ft

    I've never seen it where it wasn't murky but they say it is better at times.

    Thanks for your help!

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