Orange Beach AL trip this Saturday

  • I plan to go out Saturday morning the (7/23) (weather permitting) and need 1 to 3 more divers. I am still new to freediving and prefer to have at least one other person along. If you have someone who would like to stay on the boat while we dive, we can handle one or two riders. This will be inshore/near shore in a 21' Carolina Skiff. I will leave from Boggy Point boat ramp. If you are interested, let me know so we can plan.


  • I plan to start at the Jetties and see what is there. Next, I plan to go to a couple of good spots for snapper that I have fished before. If time permits, I will finish up on a spot or two that should be holding cobia. There were cobia on them a couple of weeks ago. Where we go and how many spots we hit will be determined Saturday.


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