Stainless steel boat trailer brakes

  • Did you know that a boat/trailer combination over 3000lb by Florida law requires brakes on every wheel? That's 4 hydraulic brakes if you have a 2 axle trailer. I never knew about this mainly because I never heard of it being enforced. Now I understand they nail people for this sort of thing regularly on the way to the keys.

    I think one of the reasons there may not be a lot of focus on it is because boat trailer brakes go bad quickly because of the salt water, some people even disconnect them. I wasn't happy about the prospect of doing a lot of maintenance on brakes, so I researched the topic and discovered these Kodiak all stainless steel brakes. They're supposed to last a long time. Here's the best price I found Kodiak Trailer Slip On Disc Brake Kit ALL STAINLESS STEEL 5 Lug.

  • The Kodiak brakes are expensive so I prefer to install them on only one axle. Legal considerations aside, will putting brakes on only one axle provide sufficient braking power? Or will it just transfer the weight to the free axle and result in little to no trailer braking? Braking force is applied when the trailer puts pressure on the actuator.

    My boat+trailer weigh 4500lb.

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