Elvasport Finboard & Visio for spearfishing board

  • Elvasport Finboard could have potential as a spearfishing board. Probably the best design I've seen for finning, the body position looks ideal. It also looks light/easy to carry. But no apparent place to secure a speargun. I think it's marketed for divers who swim out there to twiddle their thumbs. Most shore diving spearos will find it a expensive at 890 € for the fiberglass base model, and 1630 € for the carbon version.



    Elavasport Visio, the more affordable Polyethelyn version. An interesting characteristic of this board is the window. In all honesty this is something I envisioned years ago. I suggested incorporating a window to Banksboard creator John. Probably cost prohibitive at 399 €. The shore diving segment of the market are normally budget conscious. Still it's a great concept.




  • Cool .... with lots of room for a Shark Shield battery.:shark1::shark1::sharky:

    Cheers, Don

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  • Pretty neat. I think I would go with a more relaxed entry rocker to ride up and over the chop and maybe move the "v" to the rear. Also needs a cup holder and a bottle opener :beer:

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