• I'm from Spain, Girona (Costa Brava).
    Right now trying rubber bands configs to pull away a 1'40m. 7'5mm salvimar spear from a wood stuck I've made.
    It's a 110 clasic roller (ermesub cristal kit), with a hole for a booster/kikker band.
    4 iroko pices +1 ipé on the center.
    At the moment, the best I've found is 16mm on roller 320% +14mm kikker 320%. But must do some balistic tests...
    I'll tell.
    Cheers!! Nice to be here:thumbsup2:

  • hi, every body. I am jb a 43 years old male. I live at Martinique in a french caribean island. so sorry for my bad english it's not my born language but french...

    i am a free diver and hunter. I hunt with pneumatic spearguns. My last one is a omer airbalete. So i'm verry interested in spearguns tomba kit.

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