Omer stingray foot pocket sizes in cm

  • What are the sizes of omer stingray foot pockets? My foot is 259mm in length. I want to wear them with no socks.
    39-40 = ?
    41-42 =?

    Thank you

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  • Omer stingray foot pockets meet my requirements, a stiff sole for good energy transfer to the blade, moderate stiffness tendons provide adequate blade support without negatively affecting its flex, and a soft comfortable pocket.

    This is the first I hear of Salvimar react foot pockets. So far I dislike everything Salvimar has offered so my feeling is to stay away. Here you can find my review of the first Salvimar foot pockets Salvimar Delta-one foot pockets review.

    Looks like I was right because no one is using them now, and going by what you say even Salvimar has moved on to different foot pockets.

  • thank you sir dan. How about the leaderfins stereofins? I see they are cheaper than omers and savimars and they are fiberglass. What are your thoughts regarding their footpockets? Thankyou

  • Leader fiberglass blades are crap. Leader foot pockets are similar to the omer stingray in appearance, but they're not made the same. When I sampled them a few years back they were soft like noodles. I suggested to Leader Fins owner to increase the shore hardness, I don't know if they did it.

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