Snorkel Seacsub Liquid

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm thinking about buy one of this snorkel but first I'd like to know what you think, if it has quality, comfort, etc.

    It costs less than 20 dollars!


    Bruno Teixeira

    • Official Post

    Hey Bruno

    In the picture it looks to be silver color so I had to check. This Seac Liquid snorkel is actually clear, and also comes in black and brown. Clear is good if you want to see if there's mold inside and clean it. If the snorkel is opaque then you will not see the mold and you don't have to clean it :)

    I think about $20 is what a good snorkel should cost nowadays. Innovative styling and combination of different hardness material and colors will drive the price upwards of $30. But these features are not a necessity. What is a necessity in my opinion is that the snorkel mouthpiece fit comfortably in your mouth. Unfortunately no one can tell you that. Sorry I can't say anything specific about the Seac snorkel.

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