C4 red falcon fins

  • Hello everyone , I bought the c4 fins medium stiffness about two weeks ago and I have used them twice so far.

    I noticed that they are quite heavy in the water and very hard to kick with them ....have anyone has the same problem with those fins or could be only me

    I am an average build guy and I weight around 90 kilos (198ib) and befor I forget I get some cuts in my ankle every time I use them

  • It's because at 85cm the C4 Red Falcon are approximately 10cm longer than the conventional length for spearfishing fins. The dual purpose water channeling rails add bulk too. My general advice is not to buy fins longer than 80cm unless you are ready to change your kicking style. IMO the trade off between a little more propulsion and less maneuverability is not worth it.

  • An analogy for the extra long fins vs the conventional length is like the high gear of the bicycle vs the low gear. In bicycle high gear you have to start slow and build up to cruising speed which will then be relatively easier to maintain, provided you don't run into an incline. In the low gear you can start fast, but then you'll have to peddle harder/faster to maintain a higher rate of speed. So with your extra long fins you can't expect to start fast, you can't overpower them, your fins dictate how quickly you can reach cruising speed. This is why I don't like the extra long fins for spearfishing, as our diving is mostly stop and go.

    There are other factors also. When you need to change direction you'll find the extra long fins don't allow you to do it fast. Basically everything you do with the extra long fins has to be slower, more calculated, and keeping streamlined form.

    Better choice for spearfishing are the Speardiver C90 Fins. The blades are 78cm long which is perfect for spearfishing.

  • The footpockets are almost as important as the blades. Which ones are you using?

    Pathos are very light, Mares are comfortable but heavy. My two boys wear Mares and I took a lot of rubber off the tendoms with a potato peeler. Now they are very light and the blades work better.

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • OMER stingray are good foot pockets and you shouldn't do anything to them. Although El Marco may suggest a carrot grater :P

    The Stingray tendons are moderate stiffness and give a carbon blade needed support in the high stress area area past your toes, for when you need the power stroke. More important for the C4 which are prone to breaking. I believe the reason for the high price tag is it makes it viable for the manufacturer to replace the blades when they break.

    The tendons also add to the water channeling effect which stabilizes the fins.

  • Well I guess you are right but I have already bought them and they are quite expensive and I guess I need to change my kicking style but how?

    You probably don’t want to read this but a new finning/kicking style doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a bit of practice. Most divers don’t have the time or the willingness to incorporate a new kicking cycle. Usually frustration wins and most trade/sell the gear and go back to what they’re used to skipping over the benefits a “different” product may provide. I like C4 but I’m not convinced the price is justified.

    I strongly suggest you use them on a dozen dives at least. Even if you have other fins, even if you think it’s a drag just -mind over matter- through it. Worse case scenario your experience may help another separo down the line make the right choice. If after that you decide you just hate the fins and don’t want to use them you can always sell them or make them shorter. Carbon blades are easy to trim, they’re not as fragile as people think. You could trim 1” at a time until you find what works for you.

    The cuts on your ankles.....are you wearing socks?

  • Thanks everyone for the info.... I am starting to fall in love with this forum already.

    Yes I am wearing 1.5 mm Sox

    Next time I will try 2 mm and sea how it goes

    I will definitely try those fins over and over again untill I break them ...lol

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