Looking for Dive friends/Mentors Sarasota FL

  • So for the sake of introducing myself, My name is Kevin and I am 25 years old living in Sarasota. I have about two years into the sport and I have mostly been freediving relatively shallow shore dives 5-20ft off of then north and south end of Point of Rocks off Siesta Key and have taken about 2 dozen Sheepshead with a pole spear, my nemrod 24 inch and my mares viper pro 35 inch. I have not dove any of the other shore dives(New Pass, Big Pass, Sarasota Bay etc) but I am curious to dive these spots. I have all the necessary gear(wetsuit, mask, mares fins, weights, go pro etc etc..) besides scuba, However in the next few months I am looking to up my game and get into scuba spearing because I hear that's where all the best visibility and spearing is at.

    The only thing I am lacking is my own boat, Scuba(see above) and the most important thing, COMPETENT dive buddies. For the most part I've been diving alone(which I know is a no go) I have met other people with pole spears that frequent the shallows of Point of Rocks that do take fish, but have no understanding or care for the law, no desire to advance in the sport and honestly are pretty flakey after exchanging numbers. I am posting this because I am looking for people in the Sarasota Area who know the area dive-wise and can show me the ins and outs of the area and hopefully eventually more inshore spots and the reefs offshore, and actually frequently go spearfishing and are willing to dive with a relatively new diver. I'm off every other weekend and every Sunday and I'm willing to make friends. I want to become a better diver and frankly diving by myself and with BRAND NEW Divers(no offense) isn't helping me become better or more knowledgeable. I understand everyone needs to learn and that's why I'm here. Looking for good, reliable dive friends! Any pointers will be graciously accepted.

    Will message my phone number to anyone who wants it and wants to dive.

    Thanks in Advance!

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